Storytelling Sessions

01 / 27

Also known as a Documentary-styled session, this type of photography aims to capture your real, authentic and normal every day life. No posing, no smiling at the camera - you pretend I'm not even there and I will document your story in a poetic way. Maybe you're making pancakes with the kids on a Sunday morning, having a dance party in the living room, or maybe snuggling up with the kids and their favorite books. These simple moments at home that don’t seem very important now are the moments you’re going to want to remember when you’re older (and so will your kids!). There is a lot of beauty in our normal day to day life! So let me photograph all of your natural family interactions, those little details, and capture your story as it unfolds!

Of course the majority of our time is spent in the comfort of our homes, so that's generally where we have the most authentic memories - so normally these sessions are in-home sessions. But we can also walk to the park or play the beach! If there's a location that has a special meaning to your family then that would be a great place to begin your story!

A few pros to these sessions: You don't need to worry about getting everyone fancied up - it's actually better if you wear your normal, casual every day clothes because that's part of who your family is in your every day life! No worries if your kids get messy or are feeling upset and needing extra snuggles - just do as you would on any day, and I will capture so many beautiful moments that you probably don't even notice happens between your normal every day family interactions.